ABC for engneering industries presents multiple products of display systems helping you display your products in a professionally splendid view. our experience led us to be the first producers in this field in the middel east. ABC Co. For Engineering Industries was established in 2005. It is an extension of the mother company that started its activity in 1996. ABC is specialized in manufacturing decorative stainless steel. The wide range of ABC’s products include handrails, furniture, wall coverings, counters, counter tops and tiles that can be used to give the place elegance and richness.

We offer many services for our customers to help your business

  • We provide customers with any requested information, We are ready to answer all questions at time at:
  • We accept any AutoCad file, or a sample of aproduct you want to cut.
  • We can cut numerous metals and materials.
  • Our water jet machine has two heads which reduplicates production.
  • The machine has the ability to cut until 150 mm thickness*160 cm width*3 meters lenght.